Arsonist Set Second Fire to Civil War Museum

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The Columbus Police Department has made an arrest in a deadly shooting that happened Friday, May, 22, 2020. Columbus police responded to reports of a shooting at Wilson Apartments at 3400 Eighth Ave. around 3 p.m.Officers found Lamarion Wright face down on Belmont Street with a gunshot wound. 

On Monday May 25, 2020, the 16-year-old juvenile suspect turned himself in at the Columbus Public Safety Building, according to police. The suspect is being charged as an adult under the Georgia Senate Bill 440. There is no additional security footage or accounts from security guards to corroborate the details of the tragedy that occurred. 

Police say they are expecting more arrests in Wright’s murder. Anyone with information about the shooting should contact Sgt. Donna Baker at 706-225-4296 or dbaker@columbusga.org.

Source: Ledger-Enquirer and WRBL

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