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Deadly Atlanta Club Shooting

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Atlanta city officials are seeking to close the Elleven45 Lounge after a May 12 shooting at the Buckhead nightclub left two people dead and four injured. Following several violent incidents at the club, the city filed a complaint deeming it a public nuisance due to mismanagement and insufficient security measures.

The lawsuit highlights the club’s history of violence, including five shootings from September 2019 to August 2020, resulting in four deaths, and multiple incidents since then, such as stabbings and fights. The city argues that Elleven45 Lounge is a safety hazard, citing ongoing issues despite previous police responses and community petitions to shut it down. In response, the club’s owners have not commented publicly, and an attorney for the Creighton family plans to file a separate lawsuit.

Atlanta police Chief Darin Schierbaum noted that the suspect in the recent shooting has been identified but not arrested. The city, investigating the nightclub, emphasized using all available measures to ensure public safety and cited a similar lawsuit against another club for failing to protect patrons. Elleven45 Lounge’s licenses are active, but the city insists closure is necessary until a final judgment is reached.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 

Negligent Security at Nightclubs: Are You Safe?

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